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Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now – lyrics Lyric

Rows and floes of angel hair And ice cream castles in the air And feather canyons everywhere I’ve looked at clouds that way But now they only block the sun
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thunderclap | Definition of thunderclap in English by Lyric

thunder crack, thunder roll, roll of thunder, peal of thunder, rumble of thunder, crack of thunder, crash of thunder, rumbling, crashing, roar
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CYCLOPES (Kyklopes) – One-Eyed Thunder & Lightning … Lyric

Hephaestus and the Cyclopes at the forge, Greco-Roman fresco from Pompeii C1st A.D., Naples National Archaeological Museum. THE ELDER KYKLOPES (Cyclopes) were three
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Lyric Theatre Lyric

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NOTUS (Notos) – Greek God of the South Wind (Roman … Lyric

Notus the south-wind as summer, Greco-Roman mosaic from Antioch C2nd A.D., Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. NOTOS (Notus) was the god of the south wind, one of the four
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